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May 25, 2016

Why People Love Native Ads(And Don’t Know It!)

Why People Love Native Ads(And Don’t Know It!)

You might be thinking- it’s a pretty cut and dry dichotomy, whether you like something or you don’t. And when it comes to advertising, the general consensus, if most people were to think about, would likely land in the latter.

But what is the purpose of advertising from the perspective of the art department? If advertising as a whole is to get you to purchase a product or service, then what are the artists who create the content of the campaign trying to achieve? What is the soul of that advertorial element we call “appeal”?

Simple- it’s love. The notion that a consumer can be attracted emotionally to a product or service enough to possess that thing is the aim which advertising artists strive for in their work. Appealing to the masses, gravitating attention, constructing an immersive, intriguing, memorable ad that eventually converts to profit is a process based on people doing exactly what the common conception of modern advertising’s purpose is- actually liking it. It is here, more than any other form of advertising, that native marketing triumphs on a level never before seen.

Separating one’s thinking from advertising, the major consensus of entertainment and its various contents and forms is generally positive. Where poorly crafted content repels audiences and consumers more than any half-cooked ad scheme, a well wrought effort yields a strong connection to the consumer and an experience which lasts gladly past its preliminary encounter. It’s this discord between advertising and content, clearly marked here, that native marketing spans and resolves. Native marketing is the art of advertising something through the love of entertainment, creating campaigns which, at their best, stimulate the consumer in identical ways their favorite forms of content do. While their conscious bias might compel them to lambast the practices of ad men and women as intrusive or annoying, native marketing works as the purest form of that artistic intent by the creators to appeal to the masses something that establishes a deep, emotional connection to the audience, while simultaneously achieving more from a marketing perspective than any type or strategy in marketing has in history. At its highest, native marketing is loved by the consumer, despite their partisanships, regardless of their obstinate conditioning to reject ad campaigns on the sheer basis of their being attempts to advertise- and they don’t even know it’s happening!


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