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Jul 29, 2016

What Will the Future of Digital Ads Look Like?

What Will the Future of Digital Ads Look Like?

Projections of future trends are always dominant thoughts and points in the progressive dialogue of marketers, and when we ask what tomorrow will be like, it’s because we’re looking to get their in time!
For sure, whatever it looks like, it seems it will be looked at on a phone. The statistical distribution of Mobile v Desktop has been skewing unflappably toward cell phones in 2015 through 2016, and there is no sign of slowing. And when it’s being looked at on a phone, it’s probably being reached via social media, as the digital sharing culture continues to grow exponentially and ad-blocking tech becomes more popular and in need of circumvention.
This all being said, the question which naturally arises concerns monetization of such trends. Social media sharing and cell phone access makes converting ads to profit a greater challenge than ever before, as the transient nature of such engagements allows modern consumers’ interests to wane before a conversion can occur. From this conundrum we have seen the advent of “calls to action”, or the less admirable tricks of subscriptions with auto-renew features, and of course- the rise of native advertising.
Want the answer to how to convert modern media ads to profit? All you need to do is take inspiration from your own purchasing habits. Undoubtedly, you contribute to this trend as much as anyone else, and there are probably some examples from your own life which can inform you on what works and what doesn’t.
So sound off in the comments below on what YOUR social media and mobile marketing weaknesses are!



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