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Jun 23, 2016

What TO DO in Native Ads

What TO DO in Native Ads

 Any technician of the native advertisement could tell you ten different dos and don’ts for crafting a great native ad. In our previous series (which you can check out here, here, and here), we explained all the things we think you shouldn’t do. But the spirit of native marketing is built by its success, so let’s get into what makes it successful!
First: be entertaining. Tobi Elkin of Buzzfeed told us to create something that’s fun and which doesn’t feel like it’s tricking the reader. Quality content trumps everything, and no matter the need to sell, you simply can’t achieve your goal without the content to keep eyes on the page.
Secondly then- to sell. Not just pushing a product, but a call to action. Remember that an advertisement only puts an idea in the mind of the reader or viewer, but an active call to engage in an idea can immediately cause the reader or viewer to begin the transition over to consumer.

And lastly, that little shadowy tag at the bottom corner or top right hand, which as a shade of the truth holds the whole purpose of the article, that single, revealing label of “Sponsored”. You know never to hide it, but if you can’t wear the badge with pride, your effort isn’t true enough. A well done native ad is good because it is a native ad precisely, and so not only must you have the label, but it should become a brag!

Yes, that’s right, never forget that the ultimate element, the aspect of paramount import for any advertorial, is that no matter the content or countenance, the article must be in service of selling something. It’s never the focus, nor should it be, and indeed it rarely gets much notice (not that it wants to). But make sure that no matter your advertorial’s thesis, its true purpose is to be an ad.
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