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May 31, 2016

What NOT to do in Native Ads: Lies and Omissions

What NOT to do in Native Ads: Lies and Omissions

“Don’t trick them. Don’t piss them off.”

Eric Goeres once said this about advertising. And it’s sound advice for native marketing men. There are tow kinds of lies, sins of deception and sins of omission, and both are mortal when dealing with an advertorial or programmatic campaign.

The most notable, most common, and most controversial of these missteps typically comes with the omission of disclaimers. Check any native ad worth its salt, and what will you see?


Some form of disclaimer informing the reader or viewer that the content they are seeing was in fact created with the intent to advertise is extremely necessary in the marketing game. The quickest way to make a consumer reject a product is to be caught lying to them, refraining from informing them of a larger truth, or anything which might incur feelings of betrayal. It’s better for advertisers, it’s better for the ads hosts, as whatever displeasure is earned by omission is laid against the host as well.

So don’t lie. In short- it pisses people off!


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