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May 27, 2016

What NOT to do in Native Ads: Be Overt

What NOT to do in Native Ads: Be Overt

By now you may have heard of this ad.


Taken down and fervently apologized over by the Atlantic, with an official plea for forgiveness made by the publication, the sponsored Scientology advertorial marked an unfortunate low point for native advertising. The ad was cloying, obvious, overly promotional, biased, the list of negative descriptors one could use goes on and on. Now, when searching for the worst examples of native ads, it will be recalled in infamous disgrace for years to come.

When native ads are done right, the marketing aspect should be understated, almost overlooked, subtly inserted and utilizing of the readers life narrative to influence their consumer behaviors. When the ads are overt in the ways this advert was, they get remembered. And for all the wrong reasons.

There are many things you shouldn’t do in native ads. Stay tuned for more! Follow us on Twitter to stay updated whenever a new post goes up.


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