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Jun 23, 2016

What NOT to do in Native Ads: Be Obscure

What NOT to do in Native Ads: Be Obscure

Following our recent post on what not to do in native ads,we preached that the marketing aspect of any advertorial should be understated, almost overlooked, subtly inserted and utilizing of the readers’ life narrative to influence their consumer behaviors. This, if we may say, is excellent advice. But it’s important to balance our counsel with some wisdom from a different angle.

For every extreme limit, there is a counter, cardinal point of stylistic sin which can render the best endeavor utterly useless, or worse, toxic to a brand. While the consumer will call overtness the worst crime a native ad can commit, to the advertiser, there is an opposite fear; of being too obscure. For what is the point of a native ad if the object of its craft is too inundated with extraneous details or vague language to sell? The aim is profit, so never fail to return. In our preface to this prudent input, we mentioned a key word which informs every type of advertising- balance. Perhaps no other form of marketing is more dependent on, nor more befuddled as to the exactitude of its balance. Now if only someone would write a helpful blog on the idea…

Wish granted: Check out our blog post!

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