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Jul 13, 2015

Content Can Do Wonders For Your Brand

Content Can Do Wonders For Your Brand

We keep reading and hearing; “Content is king” but how many of us are really leveraging the potential of curating great content to drive engagement and even sales for the business? Lee Odden rightly said, “Content is the reason, search began in the first place.” Big or small every business’ primary goal is to keep customers interested to drive sales and maintain brand awareness. Today the web is cluttered with brand communications and that simply means that your content has to be compelling and appealing to keep your target audience interested and engaged. Research shows that there is about 1.5 billion units of individual content out in the world right now. As of 2014 marketers have invested $12 billion in online content and believe that commitment to content marketing is the way forward in the advertising industry.

To influence your customers the brand has to focus on what the customer wants rather than what you wish to sell. 60% of customers feel interested in the brand because they believe that the brand is creating custom content that is not lost in the web clutter. Content can directlyinternet-42583_640 influence how a customer perceives your product or service which ultimately differentiates your brand from the competition. Research shows that 81% of consumers research online and read reviews of products or services before making a purchase decision. This means that creating great content online is a need rather than a choice for brands. There are various tools and softwares now available to help you track your brand mentions online in real time. As it is rightly said in the digital world; anything that can be clicked can be tracked! Brands can audit if their content marketing strategy is effective or not by monitoring user’s online behavior and strive to improve communication to generate results.

Check out this infogragh that proves the value content can deliver for your brand

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