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Jun 30, 2016

The Power of Nativity

The Power of Nativity

Native Ads capitalize on emotion and events. Take a survey of advertorials, listicles, videos, any medium in which native advertising employs its technique, and you’ll notice the difference between native marketing and other kinds. Other ad methods make their ads about the relationship of the product and the world around it, while native ads are all about the consumer’s relationship to the world. Here are a few examples of native ads which illustrate this fact.
 Any fan of Netflix knows the procrastinating tendency which is sponsored by having the service. The ease in which entertainment can be consumed today causes disruptions in people’s simplest productivity drives. Whether it’s homework, tax forms, research, or anything at all, we can all relate to the gentle humor of the subtle HR Block ad.

This video is a nostalgia trip for the late Gen X’ers and millennial consumers. There’s nothing more personal than a feeling of connection to one’s own history. Who knew Internet Explorer had the power to make us yearn for simpler times?
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You can admit it- KFC does nothing to make you feel at home. There is nothing especially familiar or wholesome about fast food. The qualities which make a home particularly homey are not shared qualities of friend chicken. But one thing which every family has in common is the busyness of a household, and one thing that fast food has in spades compared to other meal types is its efficiency. It is that unanimous nature of home life which this ad taps right into.

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