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Feb 12, 2016

The Native Style

The Native Style

Native isn’t an ad form, its an ad style. While native marketing strategies crop up in places you don’t see traditional ads (by their definitions), the methods of delivery aren’t really all that different. Don’t believe us? Here’s our proof of advertising evolution; from traditional, to native.

Is it easier to run a successful native ad campaign when your product already has a base? Certainly. Native advertising sells through integration with the consumer life narrative, which is easier to cultivate when it is already united with the product.

When Netflix ran a native campaign to promote the new season of Orange is the New Black, it was almost a moot effort. With a show as successful as OitNB, traditional banner ads with the nyt_paidpremiere date plastered everywhere would have done the job they were really trying to accomplish, namely bringing people back for round two. But the secondary, and far more crucial ambition of the native ad was to rope in new viewers for a session of digital binging through the first, and then again for the second. It’s a classic rule of advertising; “Sell to who isn’t buying”.

So to the old hats, it was a reminder, like a billboard ad, taking up two whole pages of print in the New York Times. But it added a dimension of mental investment one simply cannot earn on the side of a highway. In all accounts of basic form, it was as much a standard print ad as any other. But if standard billboard and banner ads sell to who is already buying, native ads sell to who needs to be buying. For those already watching, it was a reminder. But for those who had never seen it, it was too much space to pass over and an intriguing piece to engage in without needing to know the basis of the show past a tagline.

In short, there’s nothing print can do that native can’t. It’s just the next step.

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