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Apr 12, 2016

The Most Sought After Keywords

The Most Sought After Keywords

The fact is, most companies can’t afford to fight for the first picks of their preferences for which keywords represent them on Google and Bing. Pulling for those phrases can be like playing tug of war with giants if you’re anything but the major player in your field. You see, the thing about SEO is that there are far less desirable keywords than there are companies vying for them. Imagine any business model and you can probably picture their general selection of preferable search terms. But while you can throw all your weight behind the keyword you really want to be found through, putting terrible sums of money behind your campaign, it won’t stop your competitors from drowning you out with their own efforts. To give you an idea how you can sneak a great placement in search results without fighting an unwinnable fight, here are a few examples of sought after keywords, and a few alternatives one could use to circumvent the competition for them.


One of the constant realities of any town in America, let alone a megalopolis the like of New York City, is that there are always a multitude of eateries, canteens and bistros to choose from. It’s fine for the hungry, but a nightmare for the mercantile-minded. How in the world can you hope to stand out in the search results for “local restaurants” no matter the size of your neighborhood, big or small?

Sometimes you can’t even grab the specific qualifiers of your brand, like type of food or manner of delivery. But if you can’t go general, get specific! Use individual dishes on your menu as search terms, the street name your place is on, or terms that describe the mood.

Real Estate

Trying to sell apartments in Manhattan? Try and compete for “cheap apartments in NYC” and see how that goes for you. As you can imagine, every single broker in New York is pining for a fine placement on that search result, because it stands to reason that a massive number of people looking for apartments in the Big Apple will type that very phrase into their search bar. But let the moguls and magnates keep clutching to the easy ones.  While a ton of people will indeed search for that, you’ll have some luck without nearly the amount of competition trying slight, but essential variations, specifications or exchanges. Try “inexpensive” instead” of cheap, or particular neighborhoods instead of NYC. Claim “for rent” or “for sale”; try saying if its up or down, east or west. The key to keywords is diversification from the expected, digging in where others have neglected to grab hold.


Those are just two, but this process is constantly in the works in every avenue of business. So what keywords do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below!

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