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Jul 31, 2016

The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 1

The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 1

“Sharability” is the new hot topic for advertisers everywhere- and in this age of international culture, sociability across continents and the advent of digital interaction, some marketers are gaining a skewed perception of how exactly certain things in the “Meme Era” are shared, and for what reasons they are.

Take one of our finely crafted Meme for a second (easily found amongst a few others on Twitter @ Connatix).
Primarily, let’s address the elephant- this Meme isn’t particularly funny, but advertising isn’t a joke, so while a lack of good humor is typically a death knell for most attempts at these surreal screengrabs of laconic wit, we’re squeaking by with it. What this Meme does right in regards to humor, is that it doesn’t try too hard to be funny, which would have rendered it distinctly unfunny. This is a major crime in the market, and will do more to sink your brand than elevate it if the wrong codger is crafting your jokes.
Secondly, pay strict, and we mean strict, attention to the memes form. The form of memes is not up for debate. Subverting the form can only be done by those with one heck of a primary purpose, and is rarely done well. In fact, it is the form of the meme which completes the meme’s message. Each image keeps with it a pairings of words, structures of phrases, avenues of meaning which one must follow, or risk making some real abominations.
If you don’t know the form of memes, maybe you shouldn’t make them. If you want to try anyway, make sure you check out to learn about the history, purpose, and method of a particular meme before trying it out amateurishly.
These may seem like a lot of notes, but the fact is, sharability is born from a foundation of conforming to a certain level of understandability in meme culture. We cannot share what we do not understand, and these rules might just keep you in the good graces of people who would otherwise never even consider clicking that like button or hitting the retweet.
Now, who in the world would share your content is another story… Here it is.


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