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Jul 31, 2016

The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 3

The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 3

So then, what does it mean that we are in the “Meme Era” of advertising?

For one, let’s look at the style of modern day ads. Take the now famous Old Spice television ads.

Laconic, witty, odd and somewhat random in its quick quips, ads like these, and ones far more invested in the meme style of humor and exchange, have rocketed up in their levels of popularity and use for some years now. As advertisers woke up to the growing phenomenon that was infesting the digital culture, they began to inevitable process of adapting their ad styles to fit the popularizing affect which memes contribute to content. It’s the comedic styling of our age, the constant change of information, the irreverent and often tangentially connected referential conversation. We like in a meme based world, and advertising is gladly sinking into it with us.

So remember our meme?


As advertisers, it’s our duty to play along with the flow of pop culture like everyone else, and it’s important to understand what exactly it is we’re doing, rather than leaping into it just because there is so much of it out there. These aren’t parodies, despite their oft satiric nature. This is culture.

Are you playing your part?


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