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Jul 31, 2016

The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 2

The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 2

Now that you’ve made the proper corrections, learned the techniques, and allowed your pre-millenial pride to abate, you might be able to start making sharable memes. Bu then there is the next question- who in the world would share my content?

Remember this meme of ours?
As we said in our previous blog post, it’s not a gem of hilarity. As we also said then though, it doesn’t have to be. Why? Because we know our audience.
Knowing the audience of your content is key to not just getting shares on your content, but getting the right shares. The fact is, few regular folks will share anything that is related to marketing insider terms or techniques. They won’t understand or care enough to pay them any mind, and they won’t feel the need to spread the content or demonstrate their understanding of it to the online world.
But that’s fine! There are people out there who these memes are extremely sharable for. People who work within the industry, around the industry, who use the marketing industry to their advantage and whose interests and expertise line up with the information in the shared content which might come from an advertising company.
It’s not about shareability for all, it’s about shareability for all the right people.
So who do you share with?



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