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May 23, 2018

Stories for Publishers: Launched!

Stories for Publishers: Launched!

It’s official; stories are no longer just about chronicling your latest adventure on social media. This week, we launched Stories for Publishers – a new way to easily create interactive mobile video experiences. This industry-first tool allows publishers to aggregate featured articles from their website, and turn them into engaging, immersive experiences that appear seamlessly in-stream on a publishers mobile site.

Stories for Publishers is a natural way for readers to engage.

Users can swipe, click and tap on the interactive units – that can include vertical video ads – just as they are accustomed to doing on their favorite social media sites. With this breakthrough product, publishers can engage readers on their site and keep them moving through pre-existing videos and articles with the option to add interactive surveys.

The result? A truly innovative offering that requires less dependence on social media sites and the ability to retain more ad revenue, all while offering the user what they expect and want from publisher brands.

The upfront cost of video production and implementation – which is often significant to publishers – is completely removed. In addition, publishers have a new way to monetize their content, and full control over ad revenue that appears in their stories. It’s a powerful way to get this format out of the walled gardens, and avoid the constant instability and unprofitability of social media – where publishers face shifting traffic, algorithm changes, data breaches and no revenue share for the great content they are creating.

Stories for Publishers is built on the Connatix proprietary advertising and syndication technology stack, which delivers the fastest, most seamless and natural user-experience in the business, across desktop and mobile. It stands alone as a product, but publishers also get access to the entire Connatix programmatic marketplace to monetize their Stories content.

Every publisher wants to create and share stories with their audience. Stories for Publishers makes doing so more exciting, more sustainable, and easier than ever — on their own terms.


Want to learn more about Stories for Publishers? Reach out!

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