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Jun 20, 2018

Q&A: The Full Story on ‘Stories for Publishers’

Q&A: The Full Story on ‘Stories for Publishers’

If you haven’t heard the news, we are buzzing with excitement over the launch of our latest product, Stories for Publishers. This industry-first offering turns pre-existing content from a publisher’s website (i.e. videos and articles) and turns them into immersive experiences that appear seamlessly in-stream on their mobile sites. The best part? Users can engage the same way they do on social media – they can swipe, tap, answer polls, and react with emojis for each piece of content. You heard that right – emojis have officially entered the video world.

One of the visionaries behind this innovative offering was Gil Sommer, our Head of Product. We sat down with him to talk concepting, design, programming and production. Gil comes from a background rich in product management and when he isn’t dreaming up new product ideas, you can probably find him running on the Hudson on his way to our office in SoHo (seriously – sometimes he runs 5+ miles to work in the morning!).

Q: Why did Connatix decide to create Stories for Publishers?

A: We saw the content consumption trends on social media, and the high level of engagement with those interactions. What we noticed is that publishers are producing high quality content for these channels, but it’s the interactive elements found on social that makes the content engaging. Helping publishers provide end users with similar experiences within their own environment was our unique opportunity.

Q: How does this tool help publishers create more vertical content?

A: Publishers are all about content creation – whether that be video content, or articles. However, much of this content isn’t compatible with vertical ad units, which are prevalent on mobile devices. When designing this product, it was important to us to create a tool that would enable publishers to repurpose content from their various channels and devices, and easily create vertical content.

Q: How hard is it for publishers to design and build a Stories for Publishers unit?

A: The implementation of Stories is very easy. It requires two lines of code that we provide to you, and it works. The rest of the management is done on the Connatix platform. While we build our platform to allow publishers to manage everything on their own, we take a lot of pride in our dedicated team of specialists that support and help publishers.

Q: What do you see as the most exciting aspect of this new product?

A: The fact that it is built for the information-overload world we are living in. It allows you to discover and interact with content in a visual manner at a very quick pace, and deep dive into something you find interesting along the way.

Q: How can publishers get started?

A: Stories is available now for anyone currently working with Connatix. Our in-house team can work with you to build a Stories unit, or provide training. Stories are built to support monetization, and publishers will get access to the entire Connatix programmatic marketplace. It is truly an end-to-end solution.

For more information about Stories For Publishers, reach out to us here.

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