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Dec 15, 2015

CPG Brands Are Creating Consumer Connections Through Native Advertising

CPG Brands Are Creating Consumer Connections Through Native Advertising

Increasing change in digital trends compel marketers to explore new platforms to connect and engage with consumers. eMarketer report suggests that digital media advertising spending by the CPG (consumer packaged goods) and consumer products industries will hit $5.6 billion byemarketer blog 2016. CPG brands are ramping up their digital ad spending; native advertising in particular in an effort to increase consumer intent to purchase. Marketers believe that native ad campaigns deliver better than banner ads and lift brand awareness by 40%. 

CPG giant; Mondelez International, the parent company for Oreo and Trident, is expected to aggressively shift dollars and allocate about 50% of the marketing budget to digital media ad campaigns including native advertising for 2015-2016. After seeing great results delivered by Native Ad Units; brands such as Unilever are expected to increase digital ad spending for more efficient brand communication.

Research shows that 70% consumers wish to learn more about a product or a service through advertisements they see in a native format rather than traditional banner ad. The aim of a CPG brand is to create this type of connectivity with larger audiences seamlessly and provide a more personal experience. Native advertising can include videos, photos and even advertorials to native spendingengage and draw in the consumer. Due to its many forms and highly relevant content delivery native ad campaigns have created many opportunities for the brand marketers in the CPG industry. In a report by eMarketer it is expected that native ad spending will reach USD $9 Billion in next three years (by 2018). The number one priority for CPG industry is consumer perception and brand awareness. CPG brands see a viable solution in Native Advertising as more and more publishers and marketers are getting involved in it. Research suggests that 1 in 3 users will definitely share a native ad whereas 1 in 5 users would share a banner ad. This gives the brand the potential of going viral and gives the consumers a platform to directly interact with the brand.

Clearly you can’t ignore the benefits of going native in your marketing strategies for the upcoming years. To know more about the potential advantages native ads can deliver for your brand please connect with us or visit us @

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