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Oct 01, 2015

Millennials and Native Advertising

Millennials and Native Advertising

Millennials are growing up in the Internet Age, and there can be no doubt that the digital form of advertising is what resonates with them most profoundly. In swift response to the growing appeal of digital advertising forms, brands have changed the way they share content and engage consumers today by altering their presentational tactics in order to reach this young demographic of consumers, employing techniques intended to connect with the millennial generation on an emotional level. Native advertising is this newest and strongest form of digital marketing, its presence having seen a significant rise in spending in recent years. Modern vanguards of publishers realize what impact the internet has on a the life of contemporary youth, and are beginning to utilize platforms such as Vice and Tumblr to fulfill their ambitions in native advertising. These publishers are producing innovative and fresh content to win the trust of the millennial age, blending the three critical elements of native advertising: content creation, platform publication, and product integration.

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