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MarTech Advisor: Connatix Launches New Native Video Platform to Create Native Video Placements to Increase Video Inventory

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By Pranav Vadehra Jul 29, 2016

New York: Connatix, the native advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers, announced the launch of its new video platform, Connatix Native Video. Connatix Native Video is the first video technology that truly integrates with the publisher’s own video content and native look by creating a new, engaging video inventory. The result: a positive, native advertising experience for users where publishers can not only sell ads directly, but have access to a built-in, fully programmatic monetization solution developed by Connatix. One of several initial publishers to implement this solution is Meredith, who is using the platform across its network of local television station sites.

Connatix Native Video provides publishers complete control over the user experience, customizing video content and managing the number and frequency of ads. The platform also solves the viewability problem for advertisers, as they now have the ability to buy this inventory and set the video content to begin playing only when the video is in the user’s view, similar to watching a video on Facebook. To make this inventory available for advertisers, the company has partnered and integrated with Programmatic Video DSPs, Trading Desks and marketers.

“Publishers are faced with a big challenge: while video is the fastest growing area of programmatic, across the online video advertising market, demand consistently outweighs supply by a large margin,” said David Kashak, founder and CEO of Connatix. “Connatix Native Video creates for publishers a new premium video inventory, while at the same time offers advertisers the ability to access this inventory programmatically. As a result of this, publishers benefit from the higher rates usually reserved for high quality inventory that comes with good viewability.”




Connatix • 07/29/2016

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