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May 26, 2016

Humor and Advertising

Humor and Advertising

Why do so many ads rely on humor?

From famous Super Bowl Commercials, to clever magazine pieces, commercials and hqdefaultadvertisements of all kinds so often utilize humor to stick their message in the brain of those who witness them. Sometimes the jokes don’t make any sense, sometimes they endeavor to be outlandish and stand out simply for their ridiculousness, but why does this work on us? What part of human perception are they taking advantage of?

Take any Doritos campaign…. What are they achieving? Often times the joke itself is lost in a supposedly meme-culture based style of absurdity and wackiness. A conforming to a culture which feels, on some level, to be appreciable and notable for not being something which can be conformed to without audible groans.

Well, it’s the same mentality inherent to native advertisers! We watch TV for the programs which entertain us. We flip channels during commercials and zone out when they’re on. So what was the solution advertisers cam up with? Simple- make the ads entertaining the way the program itself is.

Humor becomes the way to make an ad a veritable television show, but its spotty success comes down to the fact that it’s usually a half effort. Native advertising isn’t an inflection, it’s a style, and the hit or miss responses these ads get is matter of embracing the platform vs. picking at it half-hardheartedly.

Which commercials have you seen that were so funny you bought into the product? Let us know in the comments below!

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