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Jul 12, 2016

How to Make Market Magic

How to Make Market Magic

“Magic”, unlike techniques of the practical traditionalist, and in an industry of practiced techniques, is the trick that trammels up a resounding response of indefatigable interest where from their never seemed an avenue before. As if conjured up from nothing, innovated from a baseless, drifting notion, magic in marketing is made in keeping a close relationship to that most of pure creative returns which every advertiser seeks from their copywriters and artists in employ- newness.
“Make it new!”
But what is it to be truly new in this old world of tired and tried traditions of advertising? Moreover, how can one always produce content which comes across as wholly new? The daunting notion of spontaneous generation in marketing angles is far too nebulous, its origin plot points a mess spread out without pattern or inclination across the graph of a team’s history. So to solve the chaotic obstacle that is the normally random inspiration requisite for innovation, what if the solution was itself another near algorithmic technique in marketing?
The advent of native marketing is, in truth, the inception of an applied solution to this ultimate problem. By matching the form and style of its surroundings, native advertising allows the ad itself to pattern with a wider range of content, and utilize the newness of its surrounding content for inspiration and a constant stream of freshly generated source material. The “magic” becomes, instead of a trick, a resource. By incorporating what is new around it, adopting its properties and making use of their innovations and own need for newness, native advertising is marketing magic.



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