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Oct 24, 2018

Explore more with Gallery!

Explore more with Gallery!

We have something new to share with you! This week, we rolled out Gallery — a new extension to your video player that helps keep readers on your site, and your revenue up.

What’s Gallery?

Gallery is a feed of content that appears alongside your video or Highlights unit, showcasing your own content for readers to explore. With several set-up options and hand-selected content, it’s easy to customize and create a tailored experience for readers. The feed can be conveniently placed either directly below or to the right of your player, and you can choose between your own articles or videos to populate the feed. Videos may also be selected from the Connatix Marketplace for a turn-key experience.

Take a peek!

Gallery in Portrait setup shown here with exploration feed


Publisher Benefits

Gallery brings publishers a new way to get more out of their web real-estate with increased session length, additional page views per session, and higher CPMs. What’s more, Gallery keeps readers on your site with the offer to explore new content, instead of driving readers away as many of the currently available revenue generation tools offer. With Gallery, publishers can:

  • Earn higher CPMs from click-to-play video content
  • Amplify pageviews with click-to-read article content
  • Keep readers on site by catching their attention through additional engaging content

Ready to do more with your content? Reach out to get started!

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