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May 27, 2016

Elements of the Advertorial

Elements of the Advertorial

When structuring an advertorial, there are several key elements which must be present throughout, and a few notes you’ve got to hit to get where you want to go with it. Advertorials, like any article, not only have to obey the standards of form expected from journalistic enterprises, but must contain the subliminal intent to promote a specific brand or movement while patterning itself after an overarching platform theme of content appeal. Here’s a break down of the pagination and timing the progression of an advertorial should make when striving for success!

  1. The Title

The most important thing for an advertorial when it comes to the title is that it HAS to mention the thing being advertised, BUT it also can’t sound like a pitch line. The story is what will be advertised, and the story simply has to conveniently be about the product or company that’s really being spotlighted. Go overboard on the title, and you’ll turn readers off to an obvious ad, go under and you’ll fail to either sell them on anything or engage them enough to make them care.

  1. The Prose

Content drives the soul of advertorials. The main idea of the practice is to use the consumers own intent in digesting content of their interest to get them to digest a work that serves to strengthen the brand awareness of a product. It is essential then to ensure the prose, the writing and substance of the advert itself, is of a fine enough quality that all else aside, it is an enjoyable read. From the first phrase to the last word, you can’t phone in the very thing which makes an advertorial an advertorial. Otherwise, it’s just an ad that lies.

  1. The Media

In tune with the prose, multimedia helps diversify the content and enrich the user experience while further immersing them as consumers in the brand. Media not only improves the quality of the advert, but it has been shown to drive up the amount of time people spend on site pages. Multimedia, from photos to video to external links widen the breadth and relevancy of the advertorials influence, and help to make the notions it expresses a larger part of the consumers day.

  1. The Validity

The advertorial can’t be fluff. Whole listicles are written with righteous scorn, disparaging sub par attempts at self-promotion through transparent advertorials. If this were a regular ad, there are certain claims you wouldn’t make, and assertions you would withhold without the proper support. You’re sources don’t have to be indefatigable- these days finding supporting statistics is a breeze with Google- but don’t say something you can’t back up with reasonable objectivity.

  1. The Finale

In the end, what are you trying to achieve? The conclusion, the takeaway, of any written piece is what the reader will remember, and what can call them to ultimate action. If you want to sell something, now is the time to mention it by name. If there’s a point outside your histrionics, make it now. This last paragraph, this recapitulation, this conclusion is where you punctuate your evidence with a statement of certainty. If you’re not certain, why should your reader be?


What other elements lurk within the advertorial? Suggest an addition and we’ll consider it for publication in our list! Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below!

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