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Sep 20, 2016

Connatix Launches Native Video Syndication to Enable Publishers to Extend Reach of Their In-Stream Pre-Roll Campaigns

Connatix Launches Native Video Syndication to Enable Publishers to Extend Reach of Their In-Stream Pre-Roll Campaigns

By Shabana Arora. Read the article on MarTech Advisor

New York: Connatix, the native advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers, today announced the launch of its new product offering: Connatix Native Video Syndication (NVS). Connatix NVS is the first video syndication technology in the industry that lets premier publishers extend the reach of their pre-roll in-stream campaigns into native in-feed placements across the web on both desktop and mobile. The first charter client utilizing NVS is Mashable.

Connatix Native Video Syndication works by letting publishers syndicate their content, along with their own direct-sold video campaigns, across the Connatix network, where native video is served in-stream within true native placements. This format allows publishers to sell pre-roll advertising against their own video content and extend their audience across the web. According to comScore, Connatix’ network is one of the top 25 key video properties online, including publishers like Tribune, Meredith, CBS Local and IBTimes.

Connatix NVS is a one-stop shop for publishers to upload their content files along with their VAST and VPAID tags and reach their audience with sophisticated targeting including geography, demographics, day & time part, content category and player size. NVS offers publishers unprecedented flexibility, to run multiple campaigns,simultaneously.and make changes to any component of the campaign on the fly. This is a feature that can’t be found elsewhere in the native video ad space.

“Publishers like Mashable, Time Inc, and Refinery29, who have the capability to produce original video content, are faced with a big challenge: how to guarantee delivery for the brands they are working with,” said David Kashak, founder and CEO of Connatix. “Connatix Native Video Syndication empowers the publisher to extend the reach of their video content across the Connatix network to deliver their pre-roll campaigns against their own content hitting the right targets on brand-safe sites.”

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