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Aug 17, 2017

Connatix Launches Solution for Publishers to Create News-Based Interactive Video Content

Connatix Launches Solution for Publishers to Create News-Based Interactive Video Content

By Shabana Arora

New York, NY: Connatix, the native advertising platform for publishers, today announced the launch of Highlights, a new product that automatically creates an interactive native video based on the publisher’s best articles.

Highlights is an end-to-end solution for creating interactive video content without requiring a publisher to have existing video inventory. Highlights creates original, bite-size content from full-length articles, designed for readers to quickly discover and interact with trending stories on any given day. The automated, plug-and-play solution was developed by Connatix to help publishers attract more traffic and increase engagement without requiring significant investments.

“Highlights is another step towards Connatix’s long-term vision of making native video highly interactive,” said David Kashak, Founder and CEO of Connatix. “The publishers we work with have prioritized creating interactive experiences that are relevant for their users while capturing video advertising budgets. With Highlights, we’ve given publishers the tools to do more with video without investing money to create traditional video content.”

Highlights is the latest product introduced by Connatix in the past year designed to help publishers better engage their audiences, increase their video inventory and generate more revenue. In March, Connatix launched Programmatic Syndication, an end-to-end audience extension product for publishers. The company in late 2016 introduced initiatives to protect users from malvertising which can come through programmatic channels.

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