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Aug 24, 2015

Evolution in Brand Storytelling

Evolution in Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling isn’t especially new to anyone. As it is rightly said; “people don’t buy the brand but the story behind the brand”. It is the nature of stories to amuse and engage audiences. It is only human to get thrilled when you listen to a story. Throughout the ages, from antiquity to the contemporary – Cinderella and superheros, monsters and kings, ghosts and jungles have been captured in narrative form to enamor us, and  nothing is different in the digitized world.

Consumers demand the truth. They want to know how and what inspired a product to become a brand. The reason they buy a brand in the first place is mainly because they liked the story behind it. Nike delivers this message very effectively in the below video. In just three minutes Nike talks about its history and the brand’s evolution. The strategy is simple; make it compelling and relevant and the audience will immediately form a connection with the brand.

Brand Marketers today are making integrated efforts to craft compelling brand stories that will captivate their audience and establish an emotional bond. Emotional bonds create loyal consumers, and brands are leveraging this fact admirably in their marketing strategies. Increasing consumer’s emotional involvement with your brand requires creating persuasive story telling but at the same time it needs to reflect honesty and transparency.

Jewelry brand Tanishq created quiet an uproar on social media with its remarriage commercial. A bold attempt at advertising for Indian audience, the remarriage commercials showed a woman and her daughter getting ready for the woman’s second marriage in a simple yet effective manner. The ad was the only Indian ad to be featured in AdWeek in 2013. Tanishq dominated Youtube with this video for weeks. The video was viewed over 300,000 times.

Brands are creating a stir by creating stories and experience that leave the audience wanting more. Characters are not just actors but personalities that resonate in the consumer’s mind when they think of the brand. Consistency and clarity are the keys to an effective brand story telling campaign. Any writing that creates confusion in the consumer’s mind will not prove effective in communicating the message. And so the moral of this story is: achieve your marketing goals by surrounding your consumers with consistent and honest stories they want to see and hear. Brilliant story telling not only drives consumers but also builds brand image with lasting impressions. It is crucial for any business to not disappoint their audience and create loyal consumers.

Incorporate these tips and create a magical experience for your consumer through brand storytelling.

  • Think futuristic: Think ahead and incorporate the why aspect. Consumers aren’t just going to buy your product if its new and improved, they will only buy it if they care about it.
  • Tell the truth: Create a realistic story that communicates what your brand stands for. Llies in the storytelling is a big no-no for marketing strategy. Be transparent, and experiment with your brand’s creativity.
  • Focus on Emotions: Consumers know what they want, and they are looking  for it. Be loud and clear about your intentions and connect with the consumers through your story on an emotional level. Creating likable ad characters and personalities drives emotional connectivity with the audience.

Scott Bedbury has rightly said:

“Brand is a story that is constantly being told”

– Scott Bedbury

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