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Feb 23, 2016

5 Smart Moves in Email Marketing

5 Smart Moves in Email Marketing


According to some experts, that’s how many emails wind up in junk folders. From the get go, odds are that all your labors in email marketing get marked spam, and waste away for thirty days along with lower marketing attempts. From there, it only takes a novice’s experience in the internet to realize that even if your campaign eeks through, it’s going to struggle to keep the attention of its audience. And when that hurdle is miraculously overcome, you’re faced with the task of somehow monetizing the whole, dense, insurmountable objective.

Luckily, no matter the statistical futility this number implies, the complement to compliment email endeavors to that 90%… is 4.2 billion. That number is how many email accounts are projected to exist by the end of 2016. So even if you only grab a measly one percent of those overall eyes to gaze upon your product, your potential reach will still catch an approximate 42 million– which is nothing to balk at.

Now that we grasp the target, let’s work on our aim. Here are five smart moves to make your email campaigns those ambitious few to beat the 90.


The Call to Action should be SPECIFIC…
RATHER than a “Buy Now”, “Click Here”, or “Visit Us”.

In crafting your call to action, remember that the action should be designed to suit the one engaging, not the marketer. “Buy Now!” Is for the one selling. “Visit Us!” Is good for your website. But if you want the consumer to want to click the link, you have to make it good for them.

Tailor the action to the reason they might be convinced to click. Rather than “Contact Us”, try a simple, but more helpful, “Learn More”. Suddenly the recipient starts thinking it might just be worth their while, and may even be intrigued enough to follow up with your second smart move…


There should be TWO calls to action…
for profit AND for spread.

The point of any marketing campaign is both to bring about an end game, and forge a beginning. Make the sale, make a contact. Bring in profit, bring in eyes. Not everyone is going to be your end game, but everything that doesn’t end can be use to lead to a new beginning (This includes using social media, but wait until #5 to learn more).

A proper campaign will first and foremost cause the receiver to invest ideologically in whatever is being marketed. Preferably, if they are unwilling or unable to act on it themselves, it will be enough to make them want to spread the word. Include two calls to action- for capitalizing and for marketing- in every campaign.


The Graphics have to be HIGH quality…
And should be featured on OTHER pages.

It goes without saying that graphics help a page pop, and also without saying that they attract the viewers attention more than bland text. But a helpful hint to what graphics you should use is taking your own advice! You already have a website, and presumably this site isn’t devoid of imagery, so do the smart move and re-use your content! Not only does this save you money, it fosters brand awareness and narrative, making the consumer feel like they are following a concerted and flowing path from email to endgame.

Remember that your email campaign doesn’t exist separately from your other marketing strategies. Every one connects in the end to the center of your intent, which is your business. If marketing is a spider’s web, each strand may be separate, but if one is too heavy or too light compared to the rest, the whole thing can become quite useless.


Send it to EVERYONE…
but send it for EACH of them.

Not everyone is the same kind of client, and some people flat out won’t ever be clients. But a connection is not only valuable for its profit potential. Check Move 2 a second time to remind yourself of your other need in calls to action. If you want your email to spread, utilize each degree between you and six separations to reach every address you can. Remember that while email is a numbers game, content is still king. It’s hard to personalize an email that goes out to potentially thousands of recipients, but a decent copywriter knows that you don’t need to know someone’s profile to hit them as a demographic.


Social Media Should be FEATURED…
But never the REASON…

This is like advertising for advertising, and if you followed Move 2, you’ll be faced with the difficult task of making “Follow us on Facebook” appealing for their benefit. But without following both parts of Move 2, that latter half will seem awfully empty to its viewer.

Social media is in and of itself a  medium of identical purpose to email for your business to capitalize on. If you hope to pull consumers into the center of your intent, don’t keep them around the outside edges. Pull them in! Only once they’re engaged with what you have to offer would a typical consumer consider bringing your business further into their lives by following your Facebook page or twitter account. Don’t follow up where the lead went flat- the priority isn’t to be “Instafamous”.

What else has worked on you in email marketing campaigns? What successful moves have you made in your own? Let us know int he comments below!

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