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Jul 08, 2015

3 Non-Food Brands that Will Make You Salivate With Their Content

3 Non-Food Brands that Will Make You Salivate With Their Content

Food is one of the biggest and most shared type of content. Actually 57% of Pinterest users interact with food-related content, it is the #1 category of content. Food just gets our most primitive instincts going and its no wonder we love to share articles about succulent dishes. But to get a piece of this pie (pun half intended), there is no need to be a food related company. Take a look at these companies that are using this powerful tool to get higher brand awareness.

1. “How To Go Gourmet With Thanksgiving Leftovers” by Bank of America

If a bank can make branded content about food, anyone can. This is a great example of what branded content should be about. It is informative, it provides the viewer valuable insight and it is not obviously promotional.

 2. “How to Make Guy Fieri’s Texas Burger” by Carnival Cruise Lines

This video explaining how to make Guy Fieri’s Texas Burger is just beyond delicious. It is a bit more promotional than the Bank of America example, but it still provides a lot of value to the viewer. Carnival Cruise Lines is a company that knows what people like to see and it provides them exactly that.

3. “Meringue Cookies w/ Amber Spiegel” by American Express

This credit card company has a whole series called “My Everyday Dish” where they showcase stories related to food. All of the dishes looked delicious. We picked the meringue cookies because well.. desert is always last.

Why would these companies that have nothing to do with food make food videos?

The reason these companies chose to make food videos is because they know there is a huge audience for it. There is no reason to limit your branded content possibilities. These companies are thinking outside the box and now they are exposed to an audience that might not have gone to them otherwise.

Good luck with your branded content initiatives! Now go get a snack, we know you’re hungry.

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