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May 28, 2015

3 Ways to Build Consumer Trust Through Native Advertising

3 Ways to Build Consumer Trust Through Native Advertising

Trust is the most important aspect of any transaction.

The odds of a transaction taking place without it are very slim. Thus, brands need to continuously develop genuine relationships with their consumers, where trust is the base component.

Here are some tips on how to build trust with native ads:

1. Native Ads Are More Like Editorial Content Than Anything Else

Native advertisements are placed within a user’s newsfeed. This means that when they click on a native advertisement, they expect content that would normally appear on the site and that gives them value. When viewers click on a post thinking it’s an article, but it turns out to be an ad they can feel annoyed and disappointed with the brand.

If you want to be in a native format, make sure you are providing content that is characteristic of a native ad. This means branded articles, videos, and the like. It has to deliver the value that the consumer expects to receive.

2. Brand Transparency

It is now the industry’s best practice to correctly label native ad as “Promoted Content” or something along those lines. Just because native ads are more like editorial content than traditional ads, that doesn’t override the fact that they’re still commercial in nature.

Consumers don’t like to feel deceived. An appropriate and honest label will let your audience know where their information is coming from – which is beneficial for your brand as well, as it gets your name out there.

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3. Create Emotional Connections

The best way for a native ad to resonate with its intended audience is for the ad to have relevance to their lives. It should evoke emotions and a sense of reliability.

Advertising works at its best when it forges a deep connection with the consumer. The ability to stir up emotions goes a long way in strengthening brand loyalty and increasing sales. Do not just put information out in the world; make sure it is out there in a way that will entice your consumer. Give your company an attractive personality. Allow people to know your emotions and what you stand for.

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Trust is an emotion that must be cultivated continually. We hope to have helped you in the process of gaining trust through native advertising!

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