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Mar 22, 2015

3 Companies That Are Leading Brand Story Telling by Example

3 Companies That Are Leading Brand Story Telling by Example

A couple weeks ago, Connatix, was invited to speak at the Barefoot Proximity Digital Lab about digital advertising and where it’s going. Our CEO and Founder, David Kashak, along with our V.P. of Sales, Chris Flatley, shared their insight about the current trends in our field.

Native advertising is heavily based on content, thus, the main topic explored was how brands are evolving into becoming publishers and story tellers. Unlike the traditional approach of advertising directly to produce sales, the modern brand is giving users a different view into their companies, a more wholesome view, in order to build costumer loyalty and long term relationships.

Story telling has been a staple in humanity for thousands of years. It is a tool that helps to inspire, encourage and culturally connect people. Thus, it makes sense for companies to use this tool to create consumer-brand relationships that are well built and long lasting. To drive the point, there is nothing better than seeing it in action. Here are 3 companies that are leading brand story telling by example:

1. American Greetings

American Greetings is amazing at telling the individual stories of people that have gone through a difficult time in their life. The “Thank List” is a series that showcases gratefulness, love, and how supporting someone has a big impact. It illustrates everyone’s basic need for other people; for connection. Take a look at Lexi’s gratefulness story.

2. Maybelline

Maybelline has a great series campaign for young professional women, called “How We Duo.” It shows two ladies as they go through their cool working women life. What’s great about it, is that it is relevant to the young adult trying to make sense of their life, while it inspires the idea of working for their dreams. Take a look at the campaign featuring Laura and Danielle Kosann, the creators of “The New Potato”, as they share their story.

5. Gillette Venus

Last, but certainly not least, is Gillette Venus. They came up with an ad titled, #UseYour And, that you have to watch. This one is less of a traditional story line, and more of an empowering poem. It is one of the leading campaigns promoting women to be who they are and to stop labeling themselves. These types of campaigns are very effective because the viewer feels inspired by the brand, which creates positive customer-company emotions.

The shared trait these campaigns have is they portray common experience. In order for a story to be effective, it has to be about the person you are telling it to. People all over the world like stories for two reasons: one, because stories are a reflection of their lives, and two, because people can get insight from the story. That is the main thing companies should keep in mind when they create their branded stories.

{The best story is a story you are part of}

What’s Next?

At the workshop a few of the Barefoot Proximity team members raised concerns about the process after the stories were made. There are several ways to get these stories and content published. In fact there are so many ways, it can get very confusing. We have a great solution to help the content makers out. We discuss this more in depth in our post 5 Important Tips to Publish Native Branded Content.


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