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  • Connatix

    2018-07-18 15:22:47

    Tech Talks & Matcha: Product Strategy

    We’re back for a second Q&A with our Head of Product, Gil Sommer! We sat down over a favorite Connatix drink – matcha – to do a deep dive into his team’s product organization. Gil describes the way we build technology akin to how an […]

  • Connatix

    2018-07-10 14:48:31

    Highlights For Publishers Has a New Look!

    We have exciting news! Highlights for Publishers has an improved experience that offers greater customization, and more ways to engage readers. Highlights is an end-to-end solution that automatically aggregates articles across your site based on an RSS feed, and creates high impact videos. The benefits […]

  • Connatix

    2018-06-20 19:20:05

    Q&A: The Full Story on ‘Stories for Publishers’

    If you haven’t heard the news, we are buzzing with excitement over the launch of our latest product, Stories for Publishers. This industry-first offering turns pre-existing content from a publisher’s website (i.e. videos and articles) and turns them into immersive experiences that appear seamlessly in-stream […]

  • Connatix

    2018-05-23 17:20:43

    Stories for Publishers: Launched!

    It’s official; stories are no longer just about chronicling your latest adventure on social media. This week, we launched Stories for Publishers – a new way to easily create interactive mobile video experiences. This industry-first tool allows publishers to aggregate featured articles from their website, […]

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