Connatix Partners With GeoEdge To Bolster Security Against Video Ad Fraud

By Philip Rosenstein. Read the article on MediaPost Native ad platform Connatix has partnered with GeoEdge, an ad security and quality management provider. Announced on Tuesday, the deal integrates GeoEdge’s software with the Connatix server, allowing Connatix users to detect and deflect fraudulent ads in real time. The software also offers proactive monitoring and blocking…

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Autoplay is Great Way to Deliver A Message

by David Kashak, Connatix CEO & Founder   When Instagram introduced muted autoplay in 2013, it rocked the tech world. Empowered with the capability of scrolling through a feed without calling attention to oneself, users could peruse content on the subway, in a meeting or on a date, with their companions or colleagues none the wiser.Facebook soon…

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Connatix Launches Native Video Syndication to Enable Publishers to Extend Reach of Their In-Stream Pre-Roll Campaigns

By Shabana Arora. Read the article on MarTech Advisor New York: Connatix, the native advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers, today announced the launch of its new product offering: Connatix Native Video Syndication (NVS). Connatix NVS is the first video syndication technology in the industry that lets premier publishers extend the reach of their pre-roll in-stream…

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The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 3

So then, what does it mean that we are in the “Meme Era” of advertising? For one, let’s look at the style of modern day ads. Take the now famous Old Spice television ads. Laconic, witty, odd and somewhat random in its quick quips, ads like these, and ones far more invested in the meme…

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The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 2

Now that you’ve made the proper corrections, learned the techniques, and allowed your pre-millenial pride to abate, you might be able to start making sharable memes. Bu then there is the next question- who in the world would share my content? Remember this meme of ours?   As we said in our previous blog post,…

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The Meme Era of Advertising – Part 1

“Sharability” is the new hot topic for advertisers everywhere- and in this age of international culture, sociability across continents and the advent of digital interaction, some marketers are gaining a skewed perception of how exactly certain things in the “Meme Era” are shared, and for what reasons they are. Take one of our finely crafted…

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